Saturday, September 26, 2009

I know I know

You don't have to say a word.

Yes, I have been gone.

And yes I have been cheating.

I am wrapped up in a love triangle of

game playing, drama and foolishness.

Somehow it is easier that what this was.

What we have here takes real intellect

and thought.

It can be exhausting!

What I have out there is simple...even easy.

What can I say? I have come crawling back to be fed.

I make no guarantees.

My new relationships are so attractive.

A sentence here and a sentence there is all I need to utter

to keep things running smoothly.

You on the other hand are demanding.

You need complete immersion

of mind and spirit.

You need more so much more

And they just don't.

They don't need much.

As a matter of fact they have their limits.

I really can't give them any more...

Than the 41 count word limit on Facebook and Twitter!