Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Black Brush outside my office scared the livin' daylights out me this morning!

1. Nobody told me they were washing windows today.

2. It's freakin' raining!

3. Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So while going through some things
at my Mom's house I stumbled on a photograph book
I started in high school and what did I find inside?
Well there are pictures, but there are also concert ticket stubs
carefully preserved.

I remember trying to save them in the back pocket of my Levis during each outing and one day just giving up...there were too many concerts back in those days.
Just thumbing through them brought back some smiles. Some were dates, some were just me and the girls. They are in the scan above and following is the list

I was there
Were you?

Cobo Arena,
March 14, 1981
Moving Pictures was released that February
Date with Jim from high school

Pine Knob Music Theater
(now DTE Energy Music Theatre but I will always know it as Pine Knob)
August 18, 1981
Girls Night Out
I'm a Fool For the City

Cobo Arena
October 3, 1981
Date with Don. What the heck did Triumph sing? They were more regional than big but I remember a song something like
"Fight the good fight every moment
Every minute
Every Day..."

Joe Louis Arena
November 6, 1981
(I waited in line 10 hours for these tickets before computers)
Girls Night Out
We were hot-blooded, check it and see!

Cobo Arena
January 28. 1982
Night out with the girls
and a wooba gooba with green teeth.

(Freddy Mercury was alive and kickin' it)
Joe Louis Arena
August 5, 1982
Date with Dale (who I am told) is now gay. Seriously.

Joe Louis Arena
September 8, 1982
Girls' Night Out
Let me just say here that I was ridin' out the line storm out for hours to get these tickets, and recently, both Foreigner and REO played at a local park here and I didn't bother to see either act! Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Pontiac Silverdome
September 30, 1982
THE CLASH was Warm Up! THE CLASH was Warm Up! (Had to say that twice)
I went with Dale and another couple. The funny thing about this one was that my Mom knew where I was but my Dad did not--until a local camera crew from the news decided to show us on TV and, yes that's right, my Dad saw us. Although I was in college, dad grounded me after that--Mom too!
No one knows what it's like To feel these feelings Like I do And I blame you...

Joe Louis Arena
November 7, 1982
Living on a lighted stage
Approaches the unreal

Cobo Arena
April 2, 1983
Very large group of us went.
I just can't seem to remember who so Turn the Page


July 12, 1983
That's right I like Jazz Fusion too
If you haven't heard Offramp, listen to it some time.
Went with Dale

July 27, 1982
Joe Louis Arena
Dale again.
Every little concert we went to was magic.

September 3, 1983
Joe Louis Arena

Pine Knob
July 12, 1984
Date with Sam from college

Pontiac Silverdome
July 10, 1984
I remember it took us about three hours to get from the parking lot into the Silverdome because there were so many fans. Went with the girls...and Dale.

So that's all the stubs that were preserved. There were other concerts before and after that, but fewer and farther between. Some notable concerts that had no preserved stubs included:

Rumours Tour
August 1977
Buffalo, New York
(I used to visit my cousins)

The Ramones
Some time in the eighties at Michigan State

Itzhak Perlman
The Wharton center
Michigan State
I was on a date with a very nice guy from our brother floor. Now what as his name? I am old. I forget things now.
Alice Cooper
During the eighties, my friends and I would go see Alice Cooper at Cobo the night before Halloween each year. One year we did the make-up thing. We were always a bit frightened on the way back home, however, because in those days, Detroit had fires burning all over town on Devil's Night and we could see them burning in the distance as we took the Rouge bridge on I-75 headed home.
Anyone who grew up when I did saw Kiss quite a few times. Detroit loved Kiss. I saw them With Make-up. Without Make-Up. With Make-up again.

Phil Collins
It was the eighties and
It was great
Where? There!

Bon Jovi
1989 at the Joe
Yeah Baby!

Cheap Trick
Sometime in 90's
at Pine Knob

I remember this because there was a big fight right in front of us and security came.

After those concerts I got together with the Ex and began going to hockey games (Go Wings) oh, except for that Stones concert in Atlanta in 1997.

Now I don't go anywhere but work and wherever my daughter needs to go.

And, it's a new millennium
and I don't want to spend the money for concerts.
(Did you notice the prices on the stubs from the eighties?)
I can tell you that I probably will go to a concert sometime
and it WILL NOT be of my choosing,
but I can feel it coming in the air tonight--or some other night...

The Jonas Brothers