Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bud Light Real Men of Genius Mr. Discount Airline Pilot Guy

Seriously, I had a bad flight to Birmingham, AL, not unlike this, just a few years back. I had to spend the nine bucks I saved on a drink after I stepped off.

Friday, June 20, 2008

for a friend


today was my friend Tammy's funeral.

The family asked me to speak at the funeral

so I wrote something very nice

even moving.

Working in PR, I speak in front of people all the time

but this time was different.

I promised myself

I wouldn't get choked up

but I did.

After I was done her cousin spoke on behalf of the family

and her niece (also a Spartan grad) spoke.

The pastor took over when we were done.

People told me how much they enjoyed what I had to say.

I was comforted in some small way because I was able to help.

Because I told a couple of funny stories about me, Tammy,

Kaylee and Brooke, the people in the room were able to laugh...for a moment.

I was also a pall bearer.

There were two female pall bearers.

I didn't realize they give white gloves to the female pall bearers

and gray gloves to the male pall bearers.

It was a beautiful sunny day

the kind of day Tammy would have loved

to be out in doing something fun with her daughter.

And for Kaylee this day was so sad.

That little girl has been hurt so hard.

She cried and cried.

My heart breaks for her.

This is the second time in my life

that someone very close to me

has died suddenly at the age of 39 or 40.

I have learned through these experiences

to plan for tomorrow

but more importantly

thank God

for today.

Monday, June 16, 2008


This is my friend Tammy and her daughter Kaylee on the left.

This picture was taken in 2003, the year Tammy and I met at the McDonald's Play place where our kids were playing. We became fast friends having grown up in the same neighborhood and knowing many of the same people.

Tammy is 38 and and very thoughtful of others.

She would babysit for me in a pinch.

I would reciprocate.

Both of us are single working moms, so we would meet up after work or on the weekends

and take the girls...

to the park,

or for ice cream

to see the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs

to have breakfast with Santa

To play miniature golf

or jump on trampolines.

Tammy works downtown and one day

we took the girls to the D to

ride on the People Mover and see the sights.

A couple of summers ago we packed the kids up in the car

and headed down to Six Flags of Ohio.

We also took the girls to waterparks

and walking trails.

Every year we made a tradition of taking the girls together to see the fireworks every year.

Not this year.

Today while I was stopping by the store to pick up a few things

my phone rang

It was Tammy's friend Cindy.

"Ive got bad news" she said.

(Whenever they say that

it is nothin' good. )

"Tammy died today. It was an aneurysm. I am sorry to have to tell you this."

I guess we never realize

how truly important

some people are to our lives





Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy guy in office - Bad Day

So you think YOU had a bad day...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Detroit Red Wings Goal Horn 07-08

Lord Stanley's Cup
has come home
to Hockeytown!
Last year when blogging I posted when we won a playoff series...and then we lost. This year, like any superstitious fan would, I was determined not to blog a word about our Red Wings until they won the Cup! And it was difficult not to say anything throughout this wonderful season!
Thank You
Detroit Red Wings
You're the Best
and your win