Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It is 3 a.m. est.

My daughter has had a chronic cough

for days.

The doctors have told me

it is a virus that


run its course.

I have taken b-girl to see a doctor twice

since Saturday

and each time I get a vision of

the soup nazi.

Instead of saying

"No soup for you" the

doctor says

"No antibiotic for you!"

They say it isn't necessary because she has no strep or ear infection.

What about her red throat and cough?

It's three a.m. and I cannot sleep

because my finely tuned MOM radar

hears her coughing away and that

radar will not let me sleep

while my child is sick.

No medicine for her...

No sleep for me!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

a healthy child

a mother who is 80

a loving family

a job

soldiers fighting a world away on my behalf

an American address

a life with love and meaning.





Happy Thanksgiving to you!

oh and one more thing

stretchy pants.

thank God for stretchy pants on


Saturday, November 17, 2007

a good day

A typical Friday in my life.

It was hectic but handled.

I had a burst of energy

and got a lot of work done.

After work B-girl wanted to go to Pizza Hut with her pal's family.

That was good because I decided to get photos of the

spaghetti dinner fundraiser at the senior center in the city where I work.

I called my mother and asked her to go with me

and I was surprised when she said yes.

Mom used to work in the city as senior apartment manager

and rarely goes to events anymore. My alterior motive was to get

her to the senior center in the hope that she would go back for

activities through the winter so she isn't shut in.

We had a good dinner and talked. I took pics while

those people who know Mom came up to welcome her.

She got served at the table like a celebrity.

She was so happy to see the improvements on the little

senior center she had helped create back in 81.

I was happy to see her get out and

for the first time I really understood the importance of

these times with her, now that she is past eighty.

The reason I understand it better now is that my heart

aches for my sister-in-law, Pat, who is taking care

of her ailing mother.

I am also lucky to have my brother,

a retired battalion chief, spending time with

our mother during the day while I am at work.

B-girl and I go there in the evenings and on weekends.

Last night

for the first time

I set aside my mental denial

and realized that

days like Friday

with my mom

are precious

and should not

be hurried through



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

to sound
a lot

I am so glad my daughter

loves the holidays.

My entire family

embraces them

and it makes for a happy time.


my daughter also loves



from WNIC...

In the car,

At home in the morning,

after work and school.

It puts her to sleep at night.

She has even

given up

Radio Disney

to make room for WNIC.

It will be playing everywhere

we go from now until

the day after Christmas


there just

ain't no stoppin' it now

The kid is hooked!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

what not
to wear

We were on our way home from parent/teacher conferences last night.

B-girl got a perfect report card.

We we're having fun (I think)

Wait until Grandma hears about your report card!

She loves me more than anybody else.

Not more than me

Yes more and if someone tried to hurt me she told me
she would beat them up.

So would I!

Yes but if I was hurt she would die to save me. She told me.

Well, I most certainly would die for you!

If Grandma dies for me

she would die in fashionable clothes.


would die

in what you wear.

Well I suppose Grandma's got me there!
I'll have to work on getting some fashionable clothes
in case I have to die for you someday.

Thanks Mom!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

four bucks
a lesson
for change

So after I had dinner with my Wolverine family,

I had to stop at the milk depot and

pick up some milk, bread and various things to

take over to my mother's house.

The Milk Depot is a drive through situation

and usually I get this nice lady, about my age who gets

me through fast. Not today.

This place has a system.

After they ring you up

you tell them exactly how much you are

giving them so they bring out the change with the goods.

It's faster than fast food!

Here's how it went down:

young girl (over 18, not by much)

That will be $6.27

I have $10. 27 I said pulling out a ten dollar bill and the change.


She rings it up, brings out the bags and hands them through my window.

Your change is $3.73. Thank you.

You probably didn't hear me say I have the 27 cents

I heard you but I rang it up that you have $10 and the computer says your change is $3.73

Yes but I have $10.27 because I don't want the change.

I am sorry.

I am giving you the change so I get bills.

(Doesn't answer looks perplexed)

Do you know how to make change without the computer?

Not really

Me (deciding to pursue this further)
Pretend the power went out and the computer was down...I gave you 10.27 and you had to make change for that. What would you give me back?

I am sorry Ma'am. I do not understand. Do you want me to re-ring for receiving 10.27 so I can give you the right amount? I have to void the first one.

No Thank you. That is really not necessary. Seriously, you have to re-ring?


I will take the $3.73.

Thank you and have a good day.

Thank you and just so you know, the change would have been four bucks.

Okay. Thanks

(which really meant whatever, get lost)

Now, people who know me know I am by no means a mathematician. I am a creative, after all! My friend, Pam, a wiz with numbers, laughs at me when I pull out my tip schedule at lunch.

Maybe it is because I have worked a cash register before.

Maybe it is because I can remember my old high school job at the Big Boy's with that old cash register that did not afford its users the luxury of telling us how much change to give back--we had to count it out. And, if we were short at the end of the day, it was deducted from our pay.

Whatever the reason

I find myself quite concerned

about a generation that

cannot accomplish

even the simplest tasks

like counting change .
It wasn't

supposed to

end like that!

My heart hurts

and I am having dinner

with a pack of Wolverines today...

or more accurately

they're having me for dinner


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Two weeks ago:
"Mom I am going to be a vampire for Halloween."

"No you are not!" You are going to be something good. We agreed."

But Grandma already said it's okay."


She did, did she?

"What's the harm?"

"Only if you promise to be something nice next year."

So my beautiful child was dressed like a vampire for what seemed like a week...

A Vampire at dance on costume day.

A vampire for the school party/

A vampire for trick or treating with friends.

A vampire that went to see Uncle Hal

She may not have sucked my blood,
but this past week, my little vampire
seems to have sucked the life out of me.
I'm exhausted!
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