Monday, March 26, 2007

can't help missing you


My apologies for not blogging and visiting your sites, my friends.

I may be loaded down with work,

but don't count me out.

I have two very large projects going on right now.

I hope to be blogging regularly again by the end of this week,

if I can get these projects done.

There are some updates to give you so hang in there!

Talk to you later this week.



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sushi Patrick's Day

We went to Benihana on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate my friend Pam's birthday. They cook Japanese style food right at the table, which is fun!

You gotta' love a chef who cooks chicken-fried rice in the shape of a heart...

The kids had fun too--pictured are the B-girl, my Godchild Tim, Godchild's girlfriend Jacklyn and Godchild's sister E-girl.

The place was packed out on St. Patty's Day. Am I glad we had reservations. Guess some people had more of a hankerin' for California rolls instead of corned beef and cabbage.

I had the steak and shrimp stirfry and a couple of rolls. It was delicioso!

Friday, March 16, 2007

safety affront

Yesterday was Science Night at the B-girl's School.

Not the fair, but a presentation for the kids from a scientist/magician guy. It really was a fun way to try to get them interested in science.

Later that night, I couldn't help but wonder if one of the mothers had missed out on the scientific study of force...

After the school program ended, B-girl ran up to R-girl (a friend from kindergarten who is not in her first grade class with her this year).

The girls hugged and began talking and walking out.

I said hello to the mother, who is half my age, and met R-girl's little sister who was with them.

We got in our cars, waved to each other and drove away.

As I was preparing to turn out of the school parking lot onto the road, B-girl was calling and waving to her friend in the SUV behind us. I told the B-girl that R-girl would not be able to see her because our window is tinted in the back.

My daughter's reply caught my attention...

"Mom I think she will be able to see me because I am in the back seat and she is in the front seat," B-girl said and then came

"Hey no fair! You said I can't ride in the front seat and look at my friend."

"You must be mistaken," I said. "She is six years old, the same as you. She is not in the front. It probably just looks to you like she is in the front seat."

"No Mom"

So I stopped for a second to turn around.

And sure enough.

Yeah, you guessed it.

The child was riding with her mother in the front seat while only little sis was in the back.

Yes the kid had a seatbelt on but it was a fairly new SUV and I knew
there was a passenger-side airbag in the vehicle.

On the way home I explained to B-girl EXACTLY WHY she cannot ride in the front with me.

Unfortunately that conversation caused her to stress over her friend, who was probably just riding in the front for only a few blocks from school to their house,

but really,

in searching the recesses of my brain,

I find no logical reasoning

for letting a child

that age

and size

ride in the front,

not even


one minute.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So, a few days ago I got a phone call at work from the school secretary and it went like this...

Secretary (who happens to be an acquaintance)
"Hi. First things first. B-girl is not feeling well and wants you to come and pick her up.
Now. There is another matter. B-girl has a cell phone with her today."

"Yes I know. Isn't it cute? It is a Firefly phone and she uses it to call me from latchkey in the afternoon. "

"Oh it's cute but the phone is not allowed at school. It's policy."

"I know. I know. She doesn't take it out until she gets to latchkey. "

"Did you read the school handbook?"

"Yes. Of course. (followed by the hesitation of trying to remember what the handbook even looks like)
I believe I glanced through it a couple of times."

"Well, district policy states that children at the elementary level are not allowed to bring electronic devices of any kind onto school property."

"Oh my! I must have missed that section."

"Well since you are coming to get her I will leave it in her backpack, but normally it would be confiscated by the principal. The principal does want this to be her verbal warning though. "

"Verbal warning! What? You're kidding!"

"No I'm sorry. It's policy."

"I will make sure she doesn't bring it to school. "

"Good. B-girl is such a good student and I don't want her to get into any trouble. "

On the way to the school I recalled telling the teacher that my daughter had a phone that is not to come out of her backpack at school. The teacher did not tell me the phone was contraband but she did tell B-girl to leave it in her pack at all times.

I decided not tell the secretary the teacher knew about it because I did not want the teacher to get in any trouble.

When I picked the B-girl up she wasn't feeling well but she did ask me why I did not tell her that cell phones were illegal.

I told her the truth.

I hadn't read the school packet well enough and just didn't realize.

The B-girl response:

"Mom next time be more careful. This could go on my permanent record!"

Me, delighted by the fact that in first grade she even understands that she has a permanent record, said

"I promise.

As soon as we get home I will read that book cover to cover."

and I did.

Monday, March 12, 2007


are the potholes

in the

road of life.

Tom Wilson

Friday, March 09, 2007

get over it

During one of my soapbox moments at work

(my supervisor calls it complaining, I call it providing a fresh perspective)

I was informed that

Friday, March 9

is national

Get Over it Day.

So, in observance of this auspicious occasion, I will note some things I have chosen to "get over" for good--or at least for now!

I will get over...

the fact that I cannot dance as good as I used to--there seems to be more huffing and puffing when I shake it these days.

that the people I work for do not recognize the value of my work.

that cartoon writers had the audacity to assassinate Captain America.

my crush on the same guy for 20 years.

living in a northern climate.

arguing with my six year old. After debating for more than 10 minutes I always realize how foolish I am.

my resistance to getting a new vehicle and paying too much in repairs to hold on to my beloved Jimmy Truck.

that I haven't written anything really inspiring in quite some time.

the fact that I cannot sing.

I am willing to pay obscene amounts for a good coffee, latte or espresso.

my fear of driving over the the Mackinac Bridge.

that my daughter will grow up eventually even though I want her to be my sweet non-teenager forever.

my numbers did not match the $360 million dollar jackpot.

a former friend once called me a "ham and egger".

my career is not where I planned it to be at this stage.

that someday I will be old (God willing).

that postage stamps are going up in price again.

that if I blog at work the IT Nazis will be copyin' and pastin' it into their evil log in between their surfin' and shoppin' on Ebay because NOBODY GETS TO SPY ON THEM.

that even though I pretend to be tough, I am very sensitive inside.

I can be obsessive compulsive on some matters.

that I have amassed too many issues that I need TO GET OVER.

Come on now,

tell MSUgal

at least one thing

YOU need to GET OVER!

Monday, March 05, 2007

the incredible edible




Sunny-side up







how do you take 'em?